Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Political Cartoons

I know that Halloween was a couple of days ago, but I found some great political cartoons that have to do with Halloween that I wanted to share.  No matter who or what the cartoonist may be criticizing or poking fun at, I always find political cartoons witty and funny.  It is amazing how humor can help diffuse a situation, especially in politics.
This first one is obviously drawn as if from a Republican's point of view.  The children have just left the White House and are talking about how their candy was taken away and given to another kid, who wasn't even trying to trick-or-treat.  This obviously refers to the idea of redistribution of wealth and taxing the upper class and people who have high income salaries, in order to help the less fortunate.  I find it interesting that the artist of this political cartoon has this child wearing the clothes of a hobo.  The child in the ghost costume is obviously referring to the election and the possibility of Obama not getting re-elected.  It is a great commentary on Obama's political beliefs and ideas while in office.

This political cartoon is an obvious statement on our economy and the job market.  Instead of Halloween candy, the children have been given resumes, job applications, and will work for food signs.  Perhaps this cartoon is also serving as a commentary on how the collapse of the job market is effecting the children in the United States.
 This third cartoon is obviously commenting and making fun of the fact that a lot of people say that President Obama is a communist.  It shows him dressed up as Karl Marx, author of The Communist Manifesto, for Halloween.  Michelle Obama is suggesting that he should dress up as Robin Hood, who could possibly be looked at as a communist, because the Robin Hood costume would serve Obama better because people tend to like the idea of Robin Hood better than Marx.
  I really like this political cartoon!  I think it is really funny.  It shows the many members of the Republican party, including former presidential candidate John McCain and the current candidate Mitt Romney, all dressed up as Ronald Reagan for Halloween.  This political cartoon could be taken in two ways.  The first is that these men, by wearing a Reagan mask as a costume, are trying to pretend that they are a politician similar to Reagan, which they aren't really.  I think that it could also be saying that we need a Republican candidate who is more like Reagan was as President.  It is definitely a comment on the Republican party and perhaps the lack of a good candidate for President.

Don't forget to vote on Tuesday!

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  1. I find the last two cartoons fascinating for different reasons. The first one is obviously drawn from the conservative perspective. You did a nice job analyzing it, but you failed to mention the role which the cartoon attributes to Michelle Obama. She is pictured as the one more astute politically, one who knows how to play the game. That does two things at one, emasculates Obama and makes her (an unelected wife) the real agent of the presidency. I think the second cartoon is drawn from a liberal perspective. I think it has more to do with the fact that Reagan is a mask behind which all Republican candidates hide. It's not about them wanting to be like Reagan, but wanting to be perceived as Reagan no matter what their actual agendas may be.